Six on Saturday

New post for a challenge that occurs weekly, sharing things from my garden. I got this challenge by following Off the Edge Gardening and he does these. I decided this week to follow his link to the original poster and thought for my Saturday writing I might do this challenge to share my adventures into green witchery.As I’ve written about before, I had a black thumb for years and years, but as a part of my healing in the last few I’ve actually been able to nurture plants and find it so wonderful to both our home and my psyche. Having the energy of growing things all around me really makes a difference. I’m not talking metaphorically either. While our home was being built and we lived with my in-laws, most of my plants were out of the spaces Biker Bear and I were living in. When I actually moved things around and brought more of them into our space, I felt the difference physically. There is something about the air –


First Floor Landing

So here we are in our brand new house, and the plants that were tucked into every nook and cranny at our old apartment don’t even fill my windows. There is only about 200 more square feet, but it’s very clear that I have so many more windows and places for wonderful green things. We live in what’s essentially a patio home with no real yard to speak of and we moved in too late to really do any kind of landscaping with boxes and beds in the little outdoor space we do have this year) so my garden is really my home. I’m ok with that. Next year we’ll work outside as well but for now filling up my indoor spaces with living breathing beings is my goal.For my first Six on Saturday post I thought I’d do introductions. So in no particular order (don’t want any plant to think it’s loved more or less than any other) here are some of my babies.

img_20200718_1125241) Angel Wing Begonia

This is a cutting of a plant that was in my therapist’s office and is one of my most prized plants. It’s sort of a strange looking thing, and was in her office as well, but the way the leaves have formed like angel wings along with the pink undertones make it quite striking. J gifted this to me at our last session. It was a plant that had been her grandmother’s and she also was very fond of it. It’s been interesting taking care of it because in spite of it seeming to be so strong, two of the branches are quite fragile and I take great care with it. I love it most because of the fact that in reality as a cutting, this plant is quite old.

2. Our Memorial Ficus Tree

So many leaves….

Last year we bought this beautiful ficus tree for a purpose. My mother, father and brother are all buried scattered across the country as are Biker Bears. While I realize that those bodies no longer hold their souls, for me, having a physical place to remember someone is important. Last year I decided to create a living place that we could take with us wherever we go instead of being wistful about visiting graves. So this is our memorial tree. It represents my mother, my brother, my father, Biker Bear’s father and his niece who died as a teenager just a few years ago. I talk to her every time I pass by her and we have some comfort having our family symbolically with us. When we first moved into the in-laws, she dropped a bunch of leaves as well but eventually settled in. I am not positive I want to keep her in this spot in our new house. She seems to be dropping even more leaves then she did the first time and I don’t think she’s getting enough light.

3. Thanksgiving/Christmas Cactus


I bought this 3 years ago at Christmas time because I love them and always hoped I could keep one alive. This cactus has been with me ever since and I have not only kept it alive, it has quadrupled in size and actually blooms for me each year. I’ve repotted it once and it really seems to love this one. As a result of taking the time to really learn how to take care of one of these, while I lived at my in-laws, we repotted one of theirs which is now about 4 times the size of this one and doing quite well.

4. I don’t know the name of this plant…

I remember buying this at a local Loew’s and it’s doubled in size but the leaves seem to get big and then crumbly and then just kind of disintegrate into the pot (notice the leaves down on the soil). I am not sure what is going wrong or going right with this one and since I don’t know what it is, I can’t look up proper care. All of the baby leaves coming off the stem at the bottom seem to indicate that it likes its new home.


5. Philodendron

This was a cutting from a plant that my father-in-law received from his mother. His plant was incredibly tall and skinny and seems to loose leaves just to keep reaching for the sky. The original cutting was just a single leaf last Christmas and has grown so much in the last few months. While his is about 4 feet tall, mine is full and prettier!


6. Succulents

So everyone says succulents are soooo easy but in spite of my newly found green powers, these still seem to be difficult for me to maintain. I bought these two babies at a sale at the Denver Botanical Gardens. It was both an effort to give them some money during the Covid crisis as well as to make yet another attempt to grow some of these.

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